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Using live support software to proactively make a sale

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Many people turn to the internet to make their purchases due to the fact that they know they are not being watched or analyzed while browsing through websites. However, while the anonymity can be nice for a hesitant shopper for the owner of an ecommerce website it can be the very thing that is killing your sales. When there is no physical connection to anyone at a store browsers are free to move on at will leaving the vast majority of your products unnoticed, which is where live support chat software should come into play.

In the real world live support chat software is equitable to the sales person in the women’s department who asks you if you need any aid while browsing the clothing racks. While these small occurrences happen so much while you are out shopping that you barely notice them, the small exchanges play a large role in our mental states while we shop, which is the reason that creating the same experience online via live support software is so essential.

While many exchanges only take sixty seconds or so, after engaging in a brief discussion with a sales agent people are 60% more likely to complete a purchase because now they feel indebted to the website or store page that they have visited. They also feel more confident that they are making a purchase from a real vendor and not a scam artist when they see that live support chat software is available on the website. The connection may be light in nature, but the end result is that by simply taking the time to greet customers you can increase your sales by twofold.

Of course, once you get used to live support software you will want to increase your sales by more than just two-fold, since you can easily boost sales even higher if you learn how to encourage them to purchase other items as well. Many online browsers can be convinced to buy related items as well if they are properly presented to them, which is why many businesses use their live support chat software to suggest additional items or promotions that may help increase the value of each sale tailored individually to the consumer at hand.

For instance, if you own a pet website and notice that someone is looking at organic pet food you may want to direct them towards a link for organic pet treats as well since the two items are closely related. If left on their own, there is a high chance that the customer would have only purchased the dog food, but with your direction via the live support software they are now thinking about the treats as well making it more likely that they will end up purchasing both. Add a little incentive such as a promotional price on one item by as little as ten percent, and the browser will feel as if it’s in their best interest to complete the sale.

Small steps such as these are all it takes to get the most out of your live support software and are the best ways to make use of the platform even as a small ecommerce web owner. Even if you only use the features of the live support chat software occasionally you will instantly start to see the rewards in your sales making it even more tempting to integrate the live support software into your website as a daily feature.

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