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True Confessions – Why I buy your product?

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I’m a “get rich quick” junkie. My email box is full of junk mail sent to me by someone somewhere who has found the answer to getting rich on the internet. My collection of emails contain an assortment of marketing methods all assuring me that this is the way to riches.

There are videos, screen shots of accounts, testimonials, money back guarantees and more. Why a person could go broke buying these 10, 20, or 30-day wonders. Believe me this much is true, there isn’t a method out there that works as advertised.

Why am I a sucker to these pitches? Answering this will also give you the answer to my headline. Because I am in the midst of getting my own online business up and running, I look to my own motivations as a model for why people buy. There is the practical reasons and ten the emotional reasons.

First, let me distinguish between buying for practical reasons and making a purchase based on some emotional need. The practical purchases are those based on “I need this” as opposed to “I want this.” The things I need are few, food, shelter, transportation along with a few others. Those things I want include certain kinds of food, that special car, a nice home, making money, etc.

One of the many tricks my mind plays on me is the subtle transition of something from the what I need category into the what I want. Let me give you an example.

A while back, it occurred to me that I needed software to help me write better. I did my research and narrowed it down to one particular product. The product line included several models each focusing on a particular use. Wanting to be sure I made the right choice, I used the company’s live chat option to learn more. The salesperson explained the different features of each model. With increased features came a price increase. Finally, I told the salesperson that I really “wanted” the full package, but could only afford what I needed.

Long story short, the salesperson asked me to hold on while she asked her supervisor if she could give me a special deal. Moments later she came back, offer in hand. I could get what I wanted for just a few dollars more then settling for what I needed. I bought!

I’m a sucker for the good salesperson who listens and affirms my practical side (I need this), then offers me more based on my emotional side (I want this).

The two lessons: sell to the emotional need of your customer AND use live chat. In my case the single difference in my choice was Live chat. Without this feature, I have time to step back and keep my emotions in check.

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