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Tracking Your Real Time Visitors

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Static Reports Show You What You Missed… Real Time Reports Present New Opportunities!


Static daily reports provided by your web hosting service or a third party application, like Google analytics, can be great tools to evaluate the scope of your websites use, effectiveness, and trends. However, these tools all have one common point of failure – they are outdated and static information from days prior. Why wake up every morning and see how many failed sales you had or how low your conversion rate was? There is a solution to this and it is called helpdesk software by ProvideLiveHelp.com that will allow you to increase your sales, retain customers, and create a more social environment.

ProvideLiveHelp.com is an innovative and useful live help software that allows you to track, in real time, the following areas of interest: the number of visitors on your website, the visitors IP address, location (by country), client settings (OS, internet browser, and screen resolution), the current page they are viewing, the amount of time spent on that page, total visit length, and the referrer (Google, Bing, direct, etc…) – to name just a few of the features.

This software provides you with tools that can help answers visitors questions, obtain site feedback, and view which pages have higher failure rates so that you can target those visitors to retain a higher amount and flag the page for revision. Using helpdesk software will allow you and your chat operators to directly interact with customers and potential clients on a personal level, thereby allowing you to have a higher retention rate, up sell your products, and close deals quicker. This chat software also provides a log of all prior chat sessions for later reference and analysis.

So go customize a customer centric tool that will push you into the new world of Web 2.0 and impress your customers and critics alike with your social push for perfection. Using chat software also helps you to cut down on emails and complaints by attacking the issues immediately with the customer and thereby saving you time and money.

So, instead of monitoring lost sales and lower conversions rates, get out there with ProvideLiveHelp.com’s amazing helpdesk software with their 30 day risk free trial and increase your websites productivity and success today! You have nothing to lose as they do not require a credit card and takes just a few seconds to install – so what are you waiting for, become a successful webmaster today!

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