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Too Much of a Good Thing?

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If you have been following my blogs, you know that for many reasons I am a big fan of live chat. Until recently, my support for what I have come to believe to be a critical addition to customer service has been unchallenged. The circumstance that has me rethinking my full support is not in the idea of live chat, but in the application of it be some. I found that I have become spoiled by the delivery of outstanding customer service. Anything less is a disappointment.

Some background information is in order here. In my work with developing web sites requires that I look at hosting services. While I have been using a particularly well recognized hosting service, from time to time I look at other services.

One service came highly recommended so I thought I would talk with them about their service. I surfed to their web site. There I saw that they offered live chat. This bolstered my initial impression.

As I signed on to begin my chat I had both a general need to know more about them and their offerings, but I also had a specific question. The man, let’s call him Brad, representing the company was very competent; too competent in fact. I began my end of the conversation with a broad introduction designed to open the door for Brad to tell e more about why I should switch services. It went something like this: “Brad, I have three web sites hosted by another service. I am seriously considering switching to your company, but I do have a question. How do I transfer my domains from them to your company?”

Well, I thought I would receive the answer while being offered the chance to learn more about why I should switch. Brad answered my question about domain n transfer efficiently, and then…nothing. I waited for some sales information but nothing was offered.

With my direct question answered and without any information offered about the company the chat ended. The lesson: sometimes the use of live chat can be to efficient. Had Brad read my question, he would have seen an opportunity to engage me in a possible sale.

I don’t blame Brad, he did his job. The lesson here is that a company using live chat must always be vigilant to the opportunities is offers and prepare their staff accordingly.

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