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The Net wave of live chat software: face to face communication

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Most businesses are already aware of the fact that they can bolster their e-commerce sales by adding a live chat application onto their website. After all, this powerful marketing and customer service tool is a great way to give customers the instantaneous interaction that they need to feel comfortable about making a sale. However, in the age where technology continues to evolve the next wave of live chat software is already under development and promises to break even more barriers as it promises to make the online world just a bit more real to everyone involved.

Although it is not heavily in use around the web yet, the next major version of live chat software is going to be video based, which means that instead of simply chatting with a customer over a live chat application you will have to be open to chatting with them in person. While you of course will not actually be in the same room with them, but instead chatting over a web cam, this opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities and adjustments since multi-tasking windows is going to become a bit more complicated and outsourcing may get a bit trickier.

The idea of video live chat software is to show a customer the faces behind a company so that they feel more comfortable with making a purchase. Often the impersonality of the web can work towards sales as much as it can work against it. Many people choose to shop online because they like the fact that they can remain anonymous, but other people hate shopping online because they feel that they never know what they are getting or who they getting an item from until it’s too late. This of course will completely change once the web opens up fully to the idea of live chat application.

While at first the idea of having to hire presentable people to separately man a live chat application can be intimidating, there is plenty of good that can come out of video live chat software as well if you are clever about the way you use it. After all, people find it harder to walk away from a sale when they are talking directly to someone, and it is certainly harder to click out of an actual conversation and browse away than it is to simply ignore a chat box. This in itself can help increase your conversion rates.

The second way that a video live chat application may help secure sales is because with proper training and preparation you can actually show customers the items they would like a better look at. Although the new technology behind live chat software is not going to put your customer on web cam, it will put you which can come in handy if you have the items you sell sitting nearby. This way when a customer questions a certain feature instead of telling them about it, you can simply just show it to them.

The old saying is that pictures speak a lot stronger than words, and in this case they truly can if you hold up an item over the video live chat application and allow the customer to watch the feature or observe the function they have in mind. Clothing websites can have the same success by showing the customer the product they have in mind therefore allowing them to see just how much they really want/need it.

There is no doubt that it will get a little trickier to get the most out of live chat software once it goes viral and live in full colour, but there is no doubt that it will also help boost conversion rates once you start utilizing the new technology correctly. Of course, this technology is not really out on the market yet so for the time being you will have to make use of live chat software, but now is the time to start getting familiar with it because when the video chat does come out you will want to have all the tricks down so that you can start using the upgrade fully confident and fully to your advantage.

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