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The Horrors of Customer Support

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Customer Service

Avoiding PR Nightmares Through Live Chat Operators

There is nothing worse than negative emails, posts, and the repercussions that they can bring down upon your business – creating a literally PR hailstorm. Everything from frustrated users getting lost as they navigate your websites to customers claiming that your product or website is a sham. For these reasons, we will cover some of the basic topics and ways in which you can head of the storm below.

Navigation Frustration

Navigation frustration can occur for several reasons and should be addressed quickly or you will see a stagnation in sales and productivity. Users can get lost in the information, design, or due to technical issues related to web browsers. The technical issues can be addressed quickly using ProvideLiveHelp.com live visitor tracking software which allows you to see what OS (operating system) they use, which internet browser, and also their screen resolution. These three parameters together will allow you to verify if they can correctly view your website in all its glory.

Communication Blockage

A communication blockage is where visitors, clients, and vendors are having a difficult time obtaining a resolution to their issue – whether it be a purchase, frequently asked question, or a comment about an invoice. By allowing this to continue for too long will result in upset consumers who feel neglected or maybe even cheated and therefore will result in very bad opinions on and offline which will directly affect your bottom line. Using ProvideLiveHelp.com’s live chat operator software, you can instantly provide a level of comfortable support that will satisfy your customers and bring them back for more.

Can’t Buy It

Have you ever checked your shopping cart statistics and noticed a high amount of failed attempts? This occurs when consumers decided to purchase your product, software or service but then never went through with the purchase. This can occur because either they had a communication blockage or experienced navigation frustration as explained above. It can also mean that they were completely sold on the product and required additional help to complete the sale or maybe another issue. The problem is, there is no way to tell why they abandoned their shopping carts without asking them. Using ProvideLiveHelp.com’s live chat operator software, you can interact with customers instantly to help them continue on with their purchase. Answer their questions, seal the deal, or fix the problem on the spot so that your bottom line increases day after day!

In Conclusion, the problem to most PR nightmares occur with a lack of communication. By bridging the gap between problems and a sale, you will increase you sales but also increase the good PR that floats around in Internet Hyperspace and therefore experience a double increase in sales and satisfaction. So start today and try ProvideLiveHelp.com’s chat software for free for 30 days!

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