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SEO is not enough

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Excellent SEO is not the only thing you need to sell a product or a service online. This is due to the fact that browsers are getting more comfortable with the internet and making a sale is no longer as simple as just ranking high on Google.

Internet and Live Chat software

While it certainly helps to be the first website that comes up in a search queue or at least near the top of the list, people are now doing their research before making a purchase and understand that they can check multiple sources before making any final purchases. This is why you need something like live chat software in your website to make sure once they get to your site they never leave.

The main problems that most sales websites have are abandoned shopping carts because consumers see something that attracts them until they realize that they should look around before making the purchase. This leads them to click out of a website and head off into the depths of the internet to see what else they can find. The problem with this, especially if you sell a popular product at the average market rate, is that they will end up getting it from the last source they look at, which unfortunately defeats all of your previous SEO efforts.

Thus, you need something like live chat software to make sure that once you get the customers to bite, you keep them. A live chat software program can help you do this since it allows you to reach out to your customer and discuss their potential purchase, answer questions, and make them feel as if they are now invested in your company.

In a way it is like shopping at a department store, after spending time with a shopping associate you almost feel pressured to make the final purchase. In fact, many people that would normally shop around often end up feeling as if they owe it to the associate to make the purchase.

You can replicate this effect easily online by downloading live chat software and reaching out to consumers while they browse your website. If you notice a shopping cart start to fill up, that customer should become a prime target to chat with and see if they have any questions about any purchases. By being proactive and offering the consumer what they want to know before they even have the question you can secure a sale that otherwise might get lost due to browser syndrome.

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