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Reduce cart abandonment with Live Support Chat

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One of the most prevalent problems that merchant owners see when they review browsing histories for their websites is a large amount of cart abandonment by perspective buyers who simply navigate away and never return.

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A cart full of items that were never purchased is one of the worst snapshots that a web merchant can view since each item is a potential profit that was not realized. If this is problem for your ecommerce website it is time to start looking into methods that will encourage your customers to finish their checkout instead of clicking off of your website.

There are two major reasons that a consumer abandons their cart in the middle of a sale: either they lose interest or cannot find an answer about an item or product and decide not to commit to the sale at the moment.

Both of these problems can be addressed by providing a live chat agent for your website to help encourage customers to complete a sale. Live chat agents can usually track a customer’s progress as they browse through your website. Thus, if they see a consumer investigate a product in full or start a shopping cart they can jump in and ask if any assistance is needed.

It is during these times that a customer is likely to have questions, and if they receive immediate answers to any lingering questions they have they are twice as likely to complete the sale over navigating to another website or choosing to head in store for a purchase. On the other hand, even if your live chat agent does not reach out to customers, the simple presence of a button that invites a customer to ask a question will invite them to look for answers if needed.

Thus, if they have a lingering question and are truly interested in the sale you have provided them with a source for all their queries which will produce the same end result. The bottom line is that a customer needs to feel that their purchase is correct for them and confident that they are making the right decision, and a live chat agent is the one tool that can make this happen on your website increasing your sales and profit at the same time.

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