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More and more ecommerce websites and customers are using website help software

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According to a new website released by E-tailing group a stunning 58% of US online consumers now report that they have used a website live help software download on a website to interact with the ecommerce business which is a 4% increase over last year showing that website live help software is continuing to steadily grow in popularity. Even more uplifting for those who already have website help software is the fact that 20% of these consumers prefer live chat over any other type of merchant interaction when it comes to finding support.

For those who may not know what website help software is, the simple live chat is a way to communicate between an agent and consumer via a text chat box that allows both to type queries and answers back and forth. Usually the website live help software is built into a website but it also can be a separate pop-up that launches from the website once activated. This allows customers to continue to browse the website while still getting their questions or concerns addressed by the agent using the website help software.

President of the E-Tailing industry group, Lauren Freedman, stated that more and more websites are starting to take advantage of how easy it is to download and implement website help software and as a result more and more browsers are finding that live chat is the best way to communicate with retailers. She added that while it has only been a relatively short time that website live help software has been out there, over that time period the take up has been remarkably fast and is now even with telephone in terms of favoured support communication devices. Only email is beating website help software as the number one support agent at the moment.

The survey asked one thousands adults from both the UK and the US who shopped online what their preferred method of customer support was and if they had used website help software before that was built into a retailer website. Interestingly enough, only 42% of UK browsers had tried out the website live help software built into website, but of those who did 10% said that it was their favourite way to get answers to the questions that they have with 18% in both the US and UK reporting that they prefer website help software aids.

There were several reasons that respondents chose website help software as their favourite customer support vehicle. Among the reasons offered was the fact that live chat allowed them to get an immediate answer to their questions and another half pointed to the fact that it was an efficient communication method. Finally, the survey also reported that 29% of consumers stated that they would be more likely to make a purchase from a website that had website live help software whether they had to use it or not since its presence meant they could get answers promptly if needed.

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