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Lower Your Abandoned Shopping Cart Rate Today

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Thousands of businesses your online portals or software to easily manage their products, sales, taxes, and shipping. A common thread that all online store owners share, regardless or what software or product, is a high rate of idle shopping carts. These idle shopping carts were filled with products a consumer was intending to purchase, but for some reason they never went through with the purchase. There are a whole host of reasons why a consumer does not complete a purchase but only one reason why website owners fail to seal the deal, real time interaction using ProvideLiveHelp.com innovative chat software.

The first rule for chat operators who run ecommerce websites is to not rush the customers. Provide them several minutes to add products to the shopping cart and browse your website – once you notice that the shopping cart is stagnate and no further activity is taking place, jump in and offer assistance. Sometimes there is a glitch in the software and the consumer is stuck and requires a tech expert to guide them through while other times they may just be confused about the safety of your website. Reassure them of your desire to help them and guide them to a BBB or Paypal secure icon to reassure them of the safety of their information.

While coaching a customer through a purchase, they may be withholding information, such as they are considering purchasing something else if shipping were free or they could receive a discount, so offer one to them. Try to up sell your products but at the same time make the customer feel they have the upper hand and that they are receiving an amazing deal. While communicating with the customer, it is important to ask them for feedback – such as, what can we do to improve the shopping experience? What was the most confusing part of your online purchase? Lastly, ask them for referrals by providing them a quick link for a tweet or Facebook post to further your cause.

In the end, ProvideLiveHelp.com’s amazing and simple to use software can help you retain customers, increase sales, and improve your analytical calculations and by providing you with a real time means of assisting your customer base. ProvideLiveHelp.com does not require a credit card or lengthy contract and they are willing to provide you 30 days for free to get started, so sign up today and for just a few nickels and dimes a day, you can see your sales grow by the hundreds.

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