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Live chat video software: the next step in live chat support

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Just as business owners were starting to get behind live chat software as a popular tool for boosting their sales and increasing their customer satisfaction, internet developers have come up with a new type of live chat support that is also showing a large amount of promise: live chat video software. The premise for the support system is essentially the same, a type of instant messaging support that allows consumers to get direct answers to their questions, the only difference being that now they can see the representative that is helping them.

While at first the idea may seem a bit intimidating, it is easy to see why this type of live chat software is likely to be a hit among consumers, because people like to put a face to the representative that they are dealing with. After all, when you see the person that you are directly dealing with you can watch their body language and get the sense that a real live person is recommending a product which will hold much more impact than any words that can be typed over any live chat application.

People at heart are mostly social beings, which means that live chat software that accommodates video chats will allow a deeper connection to take place between a product and the person that is selling it. When this connection is made most browsers will be much more likely to make a purchase because it also ups the ante on the amount of pressure that they feel to say yes and try out the product that is being marketed at them. In the same way that music videos helped to change the music industry, there is a lot of promise for live chat video software that allows for a deeper connection to be made with the brand.

In addition, if there are questions about the product size, assembly, or a specific component with live chat software that has video function built into it instead of just explaining the answer you can actually show the customer the answer which will make the new live chat software even more practical. A customer that has had a pleasant result is likely to remember this added feature and will come racing back to your website the next time they need something which makes the cost of the live chat software easily worth it.

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