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Live chat saved my car sales business

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As a used car sales business owner, the economic recession had a large impact on my business leaving me to look for new ways to compete with other dealers. In an effort to keep up with modern times, I decided to launch an online website to help reach out to my potential buyers.

However, despite updating my listings every day, it seemed as if I still was not able to draw much new interest into my dealership with my sales barely reflecting any difference since I launched the time consuming website. At my wit’s end, I felt as if I was missing something that everyone else had already picked up on.

Then I discovered a live chat software download online, and decided to give live chat software a try. Given the fact that offered a free trial and guarantees, I figured that I did not have much to lose and was ready to abandon further work on my website if I could not make my sales increase any more. However, the live chat software turned the effectiveness of my website around, and before long I had customers shopping online and showing up on the car lot increasing my sales by almost double.

The live chat software allowed me to reach out to customers that were searching my website. Due to the fact that the software had a great resource box that allowed me to see where consumers were shopping from and their IP locations, I could easily target those in the area for customized service offering to answer any questions and directing them towards vehicles listed online that I thought fit their needs, much like I do if customers are at my premises. Before long, I realized that most browsers were interested in the cars on my lot, but just needed a little custom attention to convince them to come down and look around.

The live chat software turned my business around and I even hired a receptionist to run my website chat during regular business hours and into the evening. Most people are uncomfortable browsing at a car lot because they know a sales agent will be right on them, but I found that online they were comfortable asking questions and negotiating pricing deals via the live chat software.

In the end, the customers realized that I had something to offer them that they could afford and I realized my potential sales base was much larger than anticipated. I cannot believe it took this long to discover what live chat software could do for my business.

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