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Is Your Business Live Chat Ready?

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Customer Service

Every online business has three goals:

  1. To make a profit (a nice way of saying Sell, sell, sell)
  2. Maintain current customer base
  3. Develop new customers

To understand these goals let’s combine them into a single activity which will be called customer relations. By now, most businesses have a clear understanding, of how they approach customer and potential customer relations.

If your online business does not have a clear approach to customer relations, you may be short changing your success. This article will offer one way to meet these goals: live chat.

However, before you just leap onto the live chat bandwagon you need to be cautioned. Your business may find live chat to be a deterrent rather than a plus. The use of live chat for your web site involves more than putting up a sign announcing “Live Chat Here!”.

Is your business ready to implement online live chat? Let’s take a closer look. To successfully use online live chat will require three commitments from you, this is the commitment to:

  • Provide assistance on a scheduled basis
  • Have trained personnel to interact with your customers
  • Use the right live chat system for your online business.

Now let us look at these three commitments a little closer.

Providing assistance on a scheduled basis: it isn’t necessary that

Live chat be available 24/7, but a customer on your site should know the schedule for this service. The hours, times, and days that live chat is available should be clearly stated, and held to.

Having trained personnel to interact with your customers

When you receive calls, the live chat customer has contacted you with a specific request in mind. A business must have the resources at hand to meet the request. These resources can include personnel, a notebook containing necessary information, and even a handout that can be sent to the caller via email.

Using the right live chat system for your online business

Just as you will have a variety of inquiries, the proper live chat service for your particular business is important. When investing in a live chat package you do not want to under or over invest. You want a package that meets the needs of your online business. One resource for a variety live chat packages is Provide Live Help.

If you are serious about the success of your business, try our suggestions.

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