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Increase your online sales by 30% this Christmas season

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With Christmas just around the corner ecommerce websites are starting to prepare for an influx of visitors the same way that any physical retail store would. In fact, internet sales last year during the Christmas season jumped by over 50% compared to the year on year average as every season more people turn to the internet to look for better deals and sales on items they could not find in shops.

With this thought in mind you can expect to receive a heightened amount of Christmas browsers as well, which is why you need a live chat software program so that you can turn the browsers into sales.

During the Christmas shopping countdown you will notice that your overall traffic will increase due to the fact that people are out on the web looking for gifts. Most people head online because they like the idea of browsing around to look for novel and sale items. However, your task is to make sure that the comparison of browsers stops at your website as you offer them a deal that they cannot resist. While you may be able to do this with competitive prices and great product descriptions you can increase your sales even more if you reach out directly to each browser with live chat software.

This is because when you download live chat software you enable your website to become an interactive experience in which potential consumers can interact with you on demand. You can also reach out to browsers that seem to be stuck on an item or contemplating a sale so that you can offer them the motivation and perhaps the final sales pitch needed to convince them that the item they are reviewing will in fact be the perfect gift for a family member. Many times a potential buyer simply needs a little push to make the purchase.

Last year, an independent toy website took this approach by downloading a live chat software product for their website and started striking up conversations with browsers. By helping them browse through the top selling toys, as well as directing them towards sales pages for toys that they knew only by alternate names, the toy website watched their sales increase by twofold, something that they attribute solely to the use of their live chat software. See the same results this year for yourself by taking live chat software out for a holiday spin.

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