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How to use live chat software as a marketing tool

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Many people think that live chat software is only useful as customer service tool, but the truth is much more far reaching since it can be used to market your products as well as directly sell them. While the live chat software application is often used to reach out to customers that have questions by allowing them a quick way to contact you, you can also utilize the software to reach out to browsers and approach them much like a sales assistant would in any shop that is located in the real world setting.

For example, if you were browsing a beauty shop in the real world you might expect a sales clerk to approach you to ask what type of products you generally use or ask you if you have anything in mind. Generally a customer that does have something in mind will be guided over to the appropriate section and then shown a few great products such as cosmetics that would help them reach their goal. Without the aid of the sales clerk they may have passed by the products they need and left without making a purchase.

In the same manner, if you notice that someone has been browsing on your website for a lengthy period of time clicking through pages you might choose to contact them to ask if you can help them find a product. This saves the sale since they will now have the information they need without giving up in frustration and moving on to another website. Given the fact that the internet makes it easy to move onto another sale having something such as live helpdesk chat can be unmatchable when it comes to the amount of sales you can save in this manner.

Along the same lines, most likely if you were at the cosmetics counter a salesperson would mention their latest products and promotions, perhaps explaining that if you purchase two products you get a discount or free item, which may encourage them to purchase more than they intended.

Now that you have the customer’s attention using the live chat software application you can do the same, possibly increasing the amount of items in their shopping cart and increasing your profits per customer at the same time making the application even more useful to you as an online business owner.

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