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How to use abandoned chats from website help software to your advantage

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The main reason that people download and try out website help software on their ecommerce websites is due to the overwhelming statistics and studies that prove that website live help software is a great way to increase profits via increased sales. However, the majority of people that are benefiting from website help software are not getting the full benefits out of their website live help software that they could be due to the fact that they are not aware of all the functions that solid website help software offers ecommerce website owners.

It goes without saying that the main purpose of website help software is to help you build trust and confidence with consumers while building a healthy customer service relationship. This results in an increase of sales because when browsers get instant answers to their queries as well as suggestions and helpful tips from the person working the website live help software they are much more likely to make a purchase from your website. However, this is not the only function of website help software as there are many other details built into the monitoring software that you can take advantage of.

For instance, one feature that most solid website help software packages will include is the option to file away all chat conversations including those that end up to be abandoned chats. At first thought many people feel that abandoned chats no longer hold any purpose for the business or the live agents, but in fact nothing can be farther than the truth because the abandoned chats are actually one of the most useful components of website help software since they show where the breakdown of communication in a website or chat lays so that the business can improve itself.

This is easy to see if you take the website live help software use from a sales perspective with a bit of marketing tossed in. Imagine that you have two live chat agents that regularly operate your website live help software offering aid to customers who stop in. Now, imagine that both freely target customers who are browsing without any clear direction only one chat operator regularly recommends and leads into a conversation by offering one promotional discount such as 15% while another sales agent offers a promotional discount to the people he talks to of an instant $5 off their next purchase.

Now depending on the type of website you run and the type of goods that are offered on the website, both of these promotions may result in saving the customer about the same amount of money which is why the sales agents feel comfortable offering the promotions via the website live help software with your guidance. However, if you look at the average sales made by dividing the sales between customers of agent one and two, you may notice that agent two has seen a great deal of sales and a much lower ratio of abandoned chats.

At first you could chalk this up to simple chance, but then you may look into the collection of abandoned chats that are collected by your website help software and notice that agent one often received little feedback on their promotion while agent two gets regular positive feedback and sales. This may lead you to investigate a little more looking into the storage files of the website live help software to see old saved conversations from customers that choose to purchase after talking with an agent and those that simple left the website completely immediately afterwards.

What you might find in this situation as has been proven by marketing experts, is that the promotion of an immediate five dollars off a purchase will always result in a higher sale than the offer of 15% even if with the price of your goods the savings are the same for the consumer. This explains why agent one that uses the website help software has a high amount of abandoned chats while agent two has helped boost the profits and sales of your website by offering a promotion over the website live help software.

Both agents are offering the same deals, but it has been proven that because 15% seems like such a low and standard percentage, the offer simply is not attractive to customers. On the other hand, offering a solid $5 back immediately on any purchase is like putting free cash in their hands, which is why the website help software has been working out so great for agent two. If you use the storage features on the website live help software to analyze and draw this conclusion you can instruct agent one to change their promotional pitch and before long see sales skyrocket in general from all web chats.

The key to this hypothetical situation is not learning about to offer a promotion, but instead it is that it is very important to learn how to make proper use of the analysis tools offered by website help software. There are thousands of other scenarios where features and storage records on the website live help software can help you refocus and retarget your sales and marketing efforts to get great results, but you have to realize that the potential is there to do so in order to benefit fully from what the website help software has to offer.

Instead of performing extensive marketing research, most of the answers to your customer base, their interests, their shopping patterns, and what gets their attention is stored and collected in your website help software in-house. Therefore, if you take a minute to look over all the data that you have at your fingertips you may just start to see what the true value of having excellent website live help software downloaded on your business website really is.

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