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How to get more out of your live chat application

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It is almost a given fact that the presence of live chat software on your website will help you generate sales; however, it is not enough simply to use the live chat application to chat with your customers because there are plenty of features built into most great software applications that can allow you to maximize your productivity and sales. Here are just a few of the hidden features that you may not have yet explored within your live chat application that you can be if you want to make sure that you are using every resource at your disposal.


The most obvious but yet one of the least used functions in live chat software are reports. Chat logs are automatically stored regardless of what type of live chat software program you use and allow you plenty of room to improve the quality of each chat. Most live chat application downloads will allow you to customize your reports and print out areas that you want to study such as the average time a consumer waits each week before talking to an operator, the overall duration of the chat, and the quantity of chats that one agent may be handling over another. You can use these figures to ascertain where a breakdown in your live chat software may be occurring so that you can quickly fix it and improve the customers’ experiences on your website.

Monitor Your Tone

Due to the fact that most live chat application chat boxes look a great deal like instant messenger boxes it is very easy to slip into a non-business tone and casually start chatting with consumers. However, this is a large no-no because most browsers do not want a new friend, they want answers in a short amount of time otherwise they will give up. In order to get the most out of each chat that takes place on your live chat application keep it professional by using proper English, spell-check, proper grammar, and admit if you do not know an answer but will look it up if they can wait a second. The latter is a much better alternative to making them feel as if you have disappeared and will cause much less aggravation on the customers’ behalf.

Avoid the ‘off-line’ notice

If you have ever planned on heading into a store and seen a big closed sign hanging on the door you may remember feeling a bit disgusted and frustrated. This emotion is similar to how browsers will feel if they go to use your live chat application and find a large ‘offline’ graphic in its place. It may even cause them to stop shopping at your store if the live chat software appears to be ‘offline’ every time they visit. Instead, consider posting the hours for your live chat application functionality in its place or use a message that will pop up when they try to initiate a conversation.

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