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How to craft your website live help software chat invitations

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Far past learning how to use your website live help software proactively to encourage sales you may want to look into marketing tricks that will help you use it more effectively to encourage and prompt higher sales. Many different website marketers have found that the trick to using website help software is actually based on learning how to craft responses and invitations to customers based on the information that you have on hand. This can vary depending on the consumer and the website live help software that you have, but here are a few basic tricks.

First of all, one great thing that most website live help software will allow you to see is where and how the customer got to your website in the first place. For example, you may notice that one customer browsing your website arrived after doing a Google search for ‘dog clothes’ while another person found it by typing in ‘size small girl dog shirts.’ Obviously, the second person has more experience purchasing clothes for their dog and already knows what they want while the first person is likely just searching around or killing time therefore you will need to direct your website help software chat invitation differently to the two customers.

For the first customer you will need to truly pitch the product using your website help software because you have to turn a browser into a buyer that may not have even had the intention of making a purchase before they arrived on the website. This will take more selling and a lot more interesting sales approach. On the other hand, the second more informed customer knows what they want; therefore it is your job as the agent using website live help software to direct them over to what they want so that they do not think twice about actually making the purchase. This will require less selling and more of a directed approach since the customer will appreciate finding what they want quickly so that they can finish the purchase.

The behaviour of a customer while they browse through a website is also an indicator of how to craft a chat invitation when using website live help software. For instance, someone who quickly navigates through a website has been there before (which your analytics should show also) which means that you can strike up a conversation based on their shopping history and make them feel as if their patronage is valued. This will likely encourage them to make another purchase and make them feel better about their purchase.

On the other hand, a customer who seems lost and browsing with no general direction is probably visiting for the first time and either not having any luck finding what they want or just wants to browse with no intention of making a purchase. This customer is obviously going to be harder to market to and once again you will have to use the website help software to heavily market and sell your items. By knowing these differences and the many more that website help software can allow you to see using analytics you can get the right approach down so that you can get your sales up.

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