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Have the Times Changed?

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Customer Service

While surfing the web in search of a tablet system Android or Apple, which brand, which features should I look for? To be honest I had little practical knowledge of tablets although I was clear about the applications I wanted. What I needed was someone to guide me. Enter live chat.

As I made my way through this and that product I was impressed by the number of companies offering live chat as a way of assisting those with questions like me. As I sat before my computer screen late into the night, my eyes began to close in exhaustion.

Suddenly, there in my mind I found myself in the middle of an old TV show. So old in fact, it was in black and white. The characters and the setting were not clear, but were somehow familiar. It reminded me of an old comedy where the lead male character, a clumsy guy who was married to a domineering wife, was charged to return a waffle maker for a refund.

When he gets downtown to the department store he is immediately directed to the back of the store where a line of customers waited, product in hand, under a big sign CUSTOMER SERVICE. When our characters number was called, he timidly approached a loud rather obnoxious clerk who made our friend feel like he was doing something wrong.

“Yessss, may I help you?” he asked.
“Uh, I, uh I’d like to return this waffle iron.”
“What is wrong with it?
“Nothing, we have two.”
“Hmmm, why are you returning this one and not the other?”

As the scene continued my poor klutz stumbled and stuttered his way through his encounter with the customer service bully until at the conclusion, he not only took his waffle iron home plus an iron and an ironing board.

I blinked and lifted my head to realize I had been dreaming. However, my dream brought back memories of the old stereotype of how customer service used to be. How times have changed.
Today with some luck and by selecting the right company live chat has transformed customer service into a completely new ball game. Today competitive companies are utilizing live chat in never thought of ways. This one online tool, live chat, allowed me to research my choice of a tablet system without a commitment or buying the wrong one.

Several companies have since been added to my list of preferred retailers.

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