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Efficient Chat Operator Management

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Do you own a network of websites and would you like to see a positive increase in your yields? Are you looking for a way to effectively manage customer support across all of your networks in one consolidated location? And, would you like to track your chat operators work load? Well, now you can with ProvideLiveHelp.com’s amazingly affordable live chat operator software with a plethora of awesome features that will make chat operator management easier.

Efficient Network Tracking

ProvideLiveHelp.com can be integrated across all of your websites using the same key, which will allow you to consolidate your customer support services into one location. Thereby saving you time and hundreds of dollars by allowing you to answer questions and increase your sales for all websites from one platform. The live chat operator software shows you who is viewing your websites, which page they are on, and how long they have been viewing the website to help you avoid confusing which website a customer is on while using the chat software.

Chat Operator Time Management

It can become a hassle to manage your chat operators time and work across multiple websites without consuming your time. Avoid checking emails sent, posted FAQs and responses on each website by using ProvideLiveHelp.com great live chat software today. The innovate software provides a chat log history of all sessions across your entire network. You can quickly see in just a few minutes the number of chat sessions and length of time which will allow you to gage the effectiveness of your chat operators and your return on investment (ROI).

Software As A Service (SAS)

The 21st century is shying away from selling actual software and switching to cloud based hosted solutions on a membership or month to month contract basis. ProvideLiveHelp.com provides you with amazing SAS software without a contract and at an affordable price. Their fully hosted service will never eat away at your precious bandwidth or storage space on your servers and thereby allow you to save money and time. Also, because it is a SAS software hosted on their servers, all updates, patches, and bugs are quickly resolved automatically, there is nothing for you to do but sit back and focus on your business.

In Conclusion, ProvideLiveHelp.com provides one of the most affordable SAS fully hosted live chat software’s on the market today. Track visitors, manage your chat operators, increase your ROI and more all through a blazing fast software without a contract. Try it free today and see what you have been missing!

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