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Customer service crucial for online start-ups

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Customer Service

As a new business owner, I struggled for months with products that did not sell. I could not figure out why because my products were priced competitively in the market that I entered, my website was easy to navigate, and I had a steady traffic flow from all of the major search engines. I was at a major standstill deciding between giving up on the world of online entrepreneurship and investing in a new product to sell. However, then it hit me that maybe my customer service was not up to par.

Therefore, I updated my contact and questions page adding a frequently asked questions page, a help bar, a search bar, and both phone numbers and email addresses so that my customers could contact me with any concerns. This helped a bit, but my sales numbers were still dragging and not making enough to make my business viable when compared to the time that I had put into my effort. That is when I discovered live chat software that I could use to allow my customers to receive rapid answers to their questions and complete customer support the minute they entered the website.

Within a month, my sales figures had risen exponentially and to my surprise my profit was now well above what I had seen in the entire year that my website had been plodding along. This was due to the fact that when customers were browsing they were able to reach out to my sales team, well me; via the live chat software I installed and could be reassured that the purchase was right for them. To my surprise, I found that most people had the same few concerns, which helped me update my product pages to address frequent concerns and convince them to make the final purchase.

In addition, I quickly learned that with the live chat software I could compile information on my target audience and where they from as well as what products they were most interested in. Thus, I was able to improve my marketing strategy as well further increasing my sales without purchasing any additional products or hiring a marketing team for advice. Installing a live chat software function into my website turned my business around practically overnight. The only regret I have now is that I did not discover this small software that promises big results sooner.

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