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Client Building and Increasing Your Bottom Line

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Are you tired of the shelling out thousands of dollars on business consultants with little to show for it? Have you over paid for direct mail and media advertising with little to no effect? Are you searching for a new way to connect with your social network? If so, you are not alone, millions of small businesses are looking for a better solution and ProvideLiveHelp.com can help to fill that void and save you money.

ProvideLiveHelp.com allows you to connect with your customers on a personal one-to-one basis to obtain feedback, close deals, and increase your conversion ratio by providing you with some of the most advanced live help software with tracking and analytic tools.

With ProvideLiveHelp.com live tracking software, you can see how many people are currently viewing their website and lets you choose to connect with them automatically or manually. Which means you can now target those users who have been reviewing your website material for several minutes and ask them questions about their experience, if they have any questions concerning the product, and most importantly, if they can provide you any feedback about your website. Have your chat operators always ask a constructive question, such as, do they like the color scheme, logo, etc? The people who view your website are your customers, if they are unsatisfied with a design layout, too many HTTP requests and latency issues, or a lack of confidence – they will flea to another website or portal on the Internet.

This is also a great application for social networks such as dating, friends, business circles and so forth. You, as the webmaster and chat operator, can individually contact your network when they are online and encourage them to use a new feature, contact an old friend of theirs, or to participate in a new beta software launch. Gone are the days of static requests and here to stay is live help software to improve your social circles beyond capacity.

Other features of ProvideLiveHelp.com are email chat transcripts for your customers, multiple language support for International attraction, a geographical locator so you know where your customers are coming from an so much more all in one easy to integrate package.

It is important to install a live help software as soon as possible to maximize your customer satisfaction and bottom line. Best of all, its free, for the first 30 days and then a nominal monthly fee thereafter. So start impressing your visitors and improve your conversion ratio like never before!

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