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Choices, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

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Choices, it seems that with the advancements in every area of life our choices expand exponentially. At one time people faced choices like what color they wanted for their Ford Model T. Which of the three network channels were watched, or in which rooms of the home did they want a telephone; really challenging choices.

Recently, the need (want) for an eBook reader became a priority for me. I rationalized how much easier a reader would make my life. No longer tied to my computer, I would be able to read material from the comfort of my easy chair. Then my wife increased her desire for a computer of her own.
It seems that I couldn’t leave well enough alone. As a writer, I enjoy the freedom of being able to take my work anywhere I choose. Last week our son graduated college. We made the trip of 700 miles with a laptop at hand. I soon began to think about how cumbersome this was. Short battery life, lots of peripherals, set up time, etc.

As I discussed some of these challenges with my son, we decided to go take a look at the latest gadget; the tablet. He took me on a tour of the different tablet system. As we visited electronics stores, I looked at several and began to imagine using one of these handy little gadgets to replace my laptop. Hmmm, just add a keyboard, a flash drive and some applications and I could free myself from the laptop while gaining an ebook reader and being able to pass the laptop on to the wife. It seemed like the obvious answer to many issues.

There was no stopping me now. I had made up my mind to make the leap, and I had my wife’s support to do so. I didn’t need anything more to make the move. WRONG! What I had done was open the door of choices. So many brands, features, operating systems, sizes, and options choose from. Deciding to do my research, I went online looking for answers. My greatest resource: live chat. By using live chat I kept myself at home, not having to go from store to store for answers. I could get direct access to the opinion of other users. I learned more than I thought I would ever need to know about using the tablet in the way I wanted.

Finally, I made my choice, added the extras I wanted, and made both myself and my wife happy.

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