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Technology has become so user friendly in the eCommerce world that now every customer expects to have a complete experience online when shopping equitable to any experience that could be had in a retail store.

With this in mind, eCommerce website owners now need to rethink what they add on to their website because shopping is more than just listing a few products and expecting prices alone to sell their product lines. In fact, as technology continues to become integrated into everyday life the competition will only increase making it more of a necessity to offer shoppers every tool at their disposal.

One of these tools relates to a user friendly website, which can be enhanced by purchasing a live chat agent software package that allows you to talk firsthand with your customers. In fact, many online retail websites will call a live chat function mandatory because it is the best way to establish an honest and trusting relationship between them and their customers. Not only does it allow for human contact in a digital world where this type of contact is limited, but it also is a cost effective way to increase your overall sales.

There are many benefits to adding a live chat software to your website, the first of which is that if your customers feel more comfortable they are more likely to purchase, which means that your sales will increase within just a month or two of starting to use the software.

This is of course the underlying reason why many eCommerce websites purchase the software, but it does not really explain why live chat enhances the experience. As mentioned, the reason is mainly focused on the fact that it allows a customer to realize that you truly care about their needs and concerns.

When a customer feels that they are a valued shopper they are ten times more likely to purchase from your website and after a pleasant experience ten times more likely to come back. The perk of this from a website owner’s point of view is not limited to sales however given the fact that live chat can create this feeling at a fraction of the price of other customer service outlets such as fax, phone, and email. In fact, if you own more than one retail website you can purchase one live chat software licence for multiple websites making the expense even more viable.

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