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3 Useful ways to use live chat for car dealers

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If you own a car dealership and are thinking about ways to attract more business one thing you may want to consider is making full use of live chat for dealers on your online website. This is due to the fact that when used correctly a live chat agent application can be a great way to attract new business, interact with customers from a customer service standpoint, and an excellent way to get more clients to actually visit your car lot. To help you make the most out of the tool as a car dealer, here are the best three ways to use live chat for car dealers on your website.

Pitch a sale

In the same way that the first thing a salesperson would do is pitch their best sale when they see a customer walk into the lot, you can make full use of your live chat for car dealers by approaching customers who are browsing on the website to pitch a sale. Frequently a customer that is looking for a car will only need to hear about an excellent deal to decide to stop by a lot and actually make a purchase. Therefore, if you give them the information they want it may be all you need to do to get them off the web and into your actual lot.

Run through individual car specs

One of the reasons that people head online to look at car dealer websites before actually venturing out to the lots is because they want to see if the car model they are searching for is available and if it’s worth the trip. Therefore, by offering car specs and the individual details that a customer wants over the live chat for car dealers you increase the chances that they will stop by the lot and eventually complete the sale. Thus, the best thing you can do is use the live chat agent to answer every query they have to lure them down to your lot.

Take care of financing approvals

Finally, the number one thing that stops most people from heading into a car dealership is embarrassment over the financial approval process, so by automating it through your live chat for car dealer’s application you can create a safe place for customers to complete their applications with assistance. This will help increase the amount of people who feel safe visiting your lot, and for each approval that you grant you can rest assured that they are now going to venture down to your lot which means pretty much a guaranteed sale.

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